Detective Thomas “Raven” Ravnsholdt, has resigned from Station City’s special unit after his girlfriend, Eva, was brutally murdered during a home robbery. Full of self-reproach over Eva’s death, Ravn has sought refuge on his old motorboat in Christianshavn’s canal. Here he lives with his aging English bulldog Møffe.

Raven is contacted by a close friend who asks him for help finding a young girl who disappeared without a trace a few years earlier. The investigation forces Ravn back to his old workplace and down into the Copenhagen underworld. Here everything indicates that the girl has been sold to the major criminal Slavros, who has a network of brothels in Europe. As the traces of her lead towards Stockholm, to a place darker than hell, Ravn has to reluctantly leave.

In a race over time, Ravn tries to find out if the girl is still alive. But his investigation is complicated by the unknown killer, who for years has ravaged Stockholm. A sadist who exhibits his dead victims in the city’s scrap yards and who has now been looking for his next victim.

INSTALLMENT 1 of the RAVEN-series

★★★★“Fast-paced, classic and competent craftmanship … leaves the reader with feverish, sleepless nights”– BERLINGSKE 
★★★★“Energy, presence and nerve … suspense from start to finish”– EKSTRA BLADET 
♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎“A well-turned crime novel, perfect for the screen”– POLITIKEN 
★★★★“Clever and hard-boiled”– JYLLANDS-POSTEN
★★★★ “Horror enough for several sleepless nights”– ALT FOR DAMERNE

Published august 2013

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